There are many resources available to help you learn about cryptocurrency investment. And it can get overwhelming when you’re just starting, especially with the vast amount of conflicting, inaccurate information out there.

This article outlines some accurate resources with easy-to-understand language that you can use to grow your cryptocurrency knowledge. Visiting these resources often also leads to other websites or reading material that can further expand your knowledge.


CryptoInTalk is a community for crypto enthusiasts. It has over 500,000 members and offers educational content on blockchain to help people learn about this exciting new technology.

It has a mining profitability calculator integrated into the website. There is a Coin lookup page where you can look up your favorite coins price in USD or BTC. It also offers other helpful information such as volume traded per day and a calendar showing events that take place within any month, like meetings/ conferences, etc.

Bitcoin Forum

The Bitcoin Forum is a community for Bitcoiners to discuss the latest news, politics, and happenings in this space. It has been around since January 2010, with over 100, 000 registered users.

They discuss everything from what GPU would be best used on mining rigs up through potential regulations by governments worldwide, which could make them more hesitant about adopting cryptocurrencies towards future use cases like smart contracts, etc.

Dash Forum

Dash Forum is where you can get in touch with other Dash enthusiasts to share your knowledge and find valuable resources. You’ll also be able to discuss anything from how-to guides, cryptocurrency news articles, or videos, all while being backed by a helpful community of experts.

It’s an excellent way for people interested but don’t know what DASH does on a technical level. The forum provides many opportunities such as asking questions about cryptocurrencies through polls.