There has been back and forth talk about the future of cryptocurrency. Some feel that it will eventually replace fiat currency while others feel that it is just a passing cloud.

However, businesses and online casinos are embracing the future with crypto. Online casinos have been adopting cryptocurrency for years already. There are many forms of digital currency that allow users to make untraceable deposits and withdrawals into their casino account.

Online Casino Innovation

PlayStar is a trendy online casino that enables users to make fast and secure payouts and deposits without hassle. These payouts and deposits are normally instantaneous.

With an already extensive line-up of payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Skrill, Vip Preferred, and Paysafe, users on this platform will surely find what they are looking for.

With innovative brands like PlayStar leading the way on the online casino front, digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are definitely on the cards for players who are looking to play with crypto.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

Online casinos have been around since Liechtenstein broadcasted the International Lottery in October 1994. The online casino market is worth more than $40 billion dollars annually as things stand today.

Seeing how far the industry has come, it is no surprise that online casinos are starting to accept crypto payments on their platforms. Hundreds of reputable sites are already supporting digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. However, players need to choose games that are eligible for playing with crypto. The game selection for playing with crypto is normally extensive, with hundreds of games being made available.

The Current State of Affairs

Considering how fast reputable online casinos like PlayStar are moving towards more innovative payment methods like crypto, fiat payments like card transfers are still widely available. However, crypto is catching up fast.