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On July 24, 2017 a reviewer of the ICOert app asked why the camera permissions are on?

I submitted a ticket to my app administrator and asked the question:

July 24th 2017 to 4:14 PM
Is there a reason why camera permissions are on? How do I manage this.. turn it off? Thanks!!
Pedro Rivera Jr
July 25th 2017 to 2:53 AM
Hi Gerry,

The camera permissions are on because there are native features that you can add to your app that would require the use of the camera, such as the Submit or Form sections, where your users can upload a picture they’ve taken.

Although you do not specifically have a picture option in your Form section, because you have the ability to add it, the camera permissions are essentially hardwired into your app, as they are part of the code, so it cannot be turned off.